Fisheye lens for iPhone4/4S

10:08 AM

awhile ago I got a iPhone 4 compatible fisheye lens, it's not the one with the magnetic rings, and no, it's not Olloclip, which I hope to get.
It's this one with a compatible casing for it, the case has a screw in thread on it located on the camera area, so you can screw in and install the fisheye lens. I see many demos on YouTube but they're on the ones with the magnetic adhesive rings, there's very few on this design, so I thought I would do one for those who may be interested in this product.

I like this design because I wanted a fisheye lens as well as a case that's compatible.
the fisheye lens with magnetic rings... I read somewhere that it'll affect the location thing, and I feel some case aren't compatible, I also considered the Olloclip, but it's pretty expensive, and you can't use it with the casing on. so yea, this is pretty neat, what's more, this came in a bundle, it also came with a 8X telescope, at about 43SGD during the time I got it, the currency kinda dropped a little.

But I only made a demo on the fisheye at the moment.
first of all, the casing does not affect your flash light when the lens is not in use, but will get a lens flare thingy when fisheye OR the telescope is in use.
picture wise, it's really fisheye, a circular/bubble fisheye effect will be produced.
in terms of video... I look through some iphone video demo and the reviewer says the effect will be cut off through the video but that's not what I experienced. I could have misunderstood what they meant, but all of them didn't double tap the screen to show the full video reso(zoom out), so you can see that I double tap before I shot a short example. There's still distortion, but it won't produce a circular fisheye effect in the video mode, instead, it's more to a full frame effect, which is what I wanted.
now I'm not a professional at these stuff, I know shit, but I know this is what I was looking for, and some lens produce circular fisheye effect, which wasn't what I was looking for in a video. so I'm happy with this kit. By the way, I got this from LinkDelight.

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