Latest Edit!

3:26 PM

Latest edit, Christopher's video. lucky thing schedule for the next two block ain't as busy as the last two, I have time to explore this place and film Christopher, as well as taking some shots for school assignment.

so yea, three subjects these two blocks, one's mostly e-learning, home based, so that kind of gave me more free time than the previous two blocks, but this thursday that lesson's in school rather than at home, I was just thinking could drop by the airport to pick up some players, but it's been done, so yea... another subject's photography, constantly taking pictures and learning about photography, same thing, that keeps me kind of more free since I can literally go out and snap pictures and hang out. Only design fundamentals, which, most of the time, is done at school, nothing much left to be done at home, only for history of design, which is the pretty much home based one. So probably will be able to attend AP, yes~

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