Clip-On FIsheye Lens for iPhone

8:57 PM

Got this clip-on fisheye lens off eBay recently, and like usual, gonna make a demo on it for the benefit of those who may be interested in getting one.

I don't know if this is a replica or a original, it's new to me, have yet to see one until I search for "fisheye" in eBay. The quality of the product seems pretty good, the clip is tight, but flexible enough. The vignetting seems a little bit blurry in image mode, but video doesn't have the vignet, all in back camera mode though. By the way, I'm using it on the iPhone 4S, not sure about other phones.

The photo quality is really acceptable like most I would say, but the one thing I like about it is it's flexibility, it can be used on any phone, or rather any mobile device, your tablet, your huge phone, even your laptop/macbook! I would recommend it, it's pretty cheap when I got it, it's about uh... $7.50USD.

Hope the video's useful to you guys!

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