5x Telephoto Lens for Mobile Devices

6:16 PM

I got this a while back but haven't really share anything about it.
But here's a video sample of it first.

Pardon the audio, my hands was blocking the mic.
So you can see the video seems a little shaky and a little distorted, that kinda upset me, if you're okay with the distortion, I think you can consider getting one though. The video quality is after all still very clear. I am using an iPhone 5S for this video. It's a little bulky as compared to the usual fisheye, wide-angle and macro lens, but it's still very portable of course. I haven't really take any photos with it, or enough videos for you to gauge anything, but I'll try to do so when I have the time. But ultimately, I would say the video quality is still very clear, if you're shooting static shot, the shakiness won't affect, but the distortion is something you might want to take into consideration.

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