Undefeated, Vans & Evisu!

8:42 PM

Was out with mum and sis today, and got a couple stuff. 
First off, a new tee for me from Undefeated, it's a reflective one. Love reflective stuff, printed one myself before, had a Aape one, but I didn't blog about those though. But just feel like sharing what I got today so yea.

Up next, a pair of Vans. My sis acquired a $50 voucher that can be used for Stadium/Royal Sporting House & some brands including Vans. I was gonna try to get a pair or Nike AF1s or Jordans but to no avail. So Vans it shall be. Been eyeing this one for a while now, and since it's not exactly overpriced in my opinion, just need to top a little, I'm getting this.

Lastly. Evisu. Been wanting to get a pair of Evisu jeans but no way I could afford one.
Bread and Butter is having 50% off selected model and 20% off regular, not sure if all regular items, but well, I'm only looking at the 50% off one, that's only when I can afford to get a pair. I'm not sure how long the sale will last so better jump on it now.

and this also, not last, in fact it's the first thing I got of the day, card holder.

I've been using my Primitive one, but not longer than a year, it was pretty expensive, but it's pretty used even though not for very long. Ever since I got it, I've been looking at card holders, I never use one last time at all. So was walking around with my sis as she's looking for a bag for herself, we came across this, and my mum was like, buy it, so yea we got it. It has more slots, and stuff, I like it, a lot. Ain't gonna wait until the Primitive one worn out, just gonna transfer all my cards over!

So I was saying, Bread and Butter are having sale, but I have no idea for how long, so jump on it before it ends. The Herschel Supply regular card holders I saw were going for around 39.90SGD, and the leather ones are like 59.90SGD? so if you want one, I got them at Cineleisure, of course, may other places sell them too. Got the Undefeated Tee at Cineleisure too, there's a couple pretty new designs so yea, go see. Nothing much on Vans, so ya.

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