How I Legit Check a Jordan 3

8:16 PM

I've been saving up money to get some Jordans, mainly Jordan 3s because I really like how it look.
and since I'm on it, I'm thinking to share how I check the legitimacy of it. I'm not saying this is the only way to check, or if it's the right way, it's just the way I check it. I could be wrong.

Now usually the first thing I check is the jumpman logo, if it look weird to you then you probably want to give it a miss, the main thing I check is the free hand. the finger part. usually the fake ones have them too thick, too huge, too out of place. The same thing goes to the one at the back of the shoe.

The second thing I check is the stitches on the front part, see the part where the threading goes in a U/V shape, it usually goes all the way back.

the next thing I check is these eyelets part, the farbic part or whatever you call it, should come in a straight nice smooth cut along the 3 plastic eyelets. if it's rough, messy, not straight and neatly done cut, then... I don't know, if it's a 2nd hand then maybe it's still legit? otherwise I would probably give it a miss.

the last thing I check is this, fake ones might have the print bleed out, means it goes out of the white box.

So here you go. there's definitely other areas to check but here are the ones I check.
And like I mentioned, this is how I check, not that it's the correct way to. Hope this helps anyone who's trying to get their hands one a pair, no matter which series, this is the way I check.

Pictures taken with iPhone 5S if it matters.

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