My First ANTI-YO

6:06 PM

took a few minutes off homework to post about my first ever Anti-Yo yoyo.
been busy ever since school started, social time gone. will talk about that in another entry, maybe.

so. Anti-Yo have always been hot, but I've never own any of them, even back when they were so affordable. I regret not getting the Bapezilla. It looked so nice. I wanted the Ywet, but it's too expensive for me, in my current financial situation. And I feel lucky I didn't get it. Not because it's not good, but because I preferred the Viszilla. Smaller, nicer color. I dig this color combination.
I check with Colin if I could advance my credits so I can get this for my birthday~ And he gave me, thanks Colin! Definitely one of my favorite yoyo now. Like the One Drop side effect, lovely, I think they for some reason makes the yoyo really smooth. Not a must for me to use groove or concave bearing but this crucial bearing is great. Would b nice if this is a mass release so more people could buy it.

Playability, grinds well, smooth on string, spins long, not sure about horizontal play, pretty stable, no vibes imo. Not posting this on SY since it's not a tester. might just share photos though.

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