SJ4000, a pretty good GoPro alternative

8:03 PM

So I recently got myself a SJ4000 finally, after trying out the cheaper 720p action cam.
I wanted to save up and get a GoPro 3+ Silver edition but it's out of my budget, but I'll still eventually get one once I can afford to. But for now, the SJ4000, I would say, is a very good alternative to that.

Some pictures before I move on, I only took pictures of the camera and the case, not the accessories though.

So, I consider quite a bit before I decide to spend on this, firstly, the quality is pretty good, it's in 1080p 30fps. The GoPro I wanted has 120fps in 720p which I wanted but for now I'll settle for this. And then, this thing is compatible with a GoPro head mount strap, which is great, I think that's pretty much the main reason why I settle for this. I'm not so much of a tech guy so I won't go into details about the specs and stuff, I'll just show you guys the video samples.

This is entirely shot on the SJ4000, no filter, no color corrections, just added a watermark and exported to YouTube using iMovie.

I'll post more if I ever make any video using the SJ4000 again, and if I actually take any photos with it.

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